PJ High Frequency Surge Testers

 Bench & Portable

Surge, Hi-Pot & 3 Phase Testing
all in one

L" x W" x H"
(Volt Amps)
M6 66 lbs 18.5"x19"x10.7"  360 VA   6,000 V 150 amps
M10 67 lbs 18.5"x19"x10.7"  720 VA 10,000 V 300 amps
M12 68 lbs 18.5"x19"x10.7"  840 VA 12,000 V 375 amps
M15 69 lbs 18.5"x19"x10.7 1080 VA 15,000 V 500 amps
MB6 67 lbs 18.5"x19"x14"  360 VA   6,000 V 150 amps
MB10 69 lbs 18.5"x19"x14"  720 VA 10,000 V 300 amps
MB12 71 lbs 18.5"x19"x14"  840 VA 12,000 V 375 amps
MB15 73 lbs 18.5"x19"x14" 1080 VA 15,000 V 500 amps

 M6, MB6  6 KV 2000 µ amps 2000 µ amps 0.1 / 1 micro amps
M10, MB10 10 KV 2000 µ amps 2000 µ amps 0.1 / 1 micro amps
M12, MB12 12 KV 2000 µ amps 2000 µ amps 0.1 / 1 micro amps
M15, MB15 15 KV 2000 µ amps 2000 µ amps 0.1 / 1 micro amps

Multi-Operational Surge Tester (MOST)

We paid close attention to you, the customer, and enhanced our one of a kind tester to give you the MOST.

The "MOST" is a High Frequency Surge Tester that has all of these features:

  • Digital storage, programmable color oscilloscope with USB Interface Ports, USB Flash Drive for unlimited storage capabilities, PC Communications Software plus multi-language user interface
  • 3 Phase Test Selector Switch for 3 Phase Motors with or without Rotors
  • Capable of Testing Fully Assembled Motors without rotating the Rotor... a unique feature that only PJ offers
  • Surge Testing - Direct Voltage Read Out on LED Meter
  • DC Hi-Pot Testing with dual LED Panel Meters that display direct read out of Current & Voltage, with overcurrent safety trip
  • Ascertain Polarization Index (PI) test results
  • Multi position carrying / tilt handle (M Model)
  • Rear plastic snap-on cover for cable storage & transportation (M Model)
  • Models M and MB: 6, 10, 12, 15 KV Surge/DC Hi-Pot output

P J Electronics wants you to get the MOST for your testing needs
for several $1,000 dollars less than impulse testers with less features!

These Multi-Operational Surge Tester Models test up to 15 KV...perfect for your preventive, predictive maintenance program and for testing in the shop or in the field.

Only P J Electronics offers the most versatile High Frequency Surge Tester manufactured to date. Not only do we accurately generate voltage to any type of load and can provide verification of our voltage, but we also maintain the Quality, Performance and Rise Time that you have come to expect from all PJ Surge Testers.

Click here to see what accessories are available to further enhance your PJ Tester.

 PJ Electronics also offers a "MOST" Console Tester! 
Choose from 10KV to 30KV output range.  Click here to read about the "M.O.S.T." consoles.

All Multi-Operational Surge Testers (MOST) have the following DC Hi-Pot Specs: a maximum output current of 2,000 micro amps, a Hi-pot overcurrent trip of 2,000 micro amps and a current resolution of 0.1 / 1 micro amps.

The "MOST" is available in a Console model (see Console page), a Bench Model or a Portable model.

The Bench (MB Model) is the all-in-one versatile tester that you need for all of your electrical insulation testing. The Hi-Pot tester has separate L.E.D. panel meters for direct readout (voltage and leakage current) so that no interpolation on the scope’s display is ever needed. This MOST can surge test extremely low inductance windings, DC armatures, etc. The built-in 3 phase test selector switch allows you to surge test all types of multi-phase motors and gives you the confidence that each phase was effectively stressed with PJ's exclusive High Frequency Technology. Print out your waveform results within seconds* or download data to your PC / laptop utilizing the USB device port or store it directly on the USB Flash drive.  Note: This Bench "MB" model is now manufactured with a high voltage rotary switch to permit the tester to operate as either a low inductance Armature Tester or a standard Surge Tester.*optional printer needed.  (MB Model is shown on right).

The Portable (M Model) is the ultimate "MOST". It is built in a compact cabinet that contains a multi-position carrying/tilt handle and a rear plastic snap-on cover for cable storage and transportation in the shop or field. The "M" is the perfect choice for your complete preventive/predictive maintenance testing - DC Hi-Pot testing, handheld resistance meter* testing and the capability of testing fully assembled grounded motors without rotating the rotor position. With PJ's High Frequency Technology, the entire windings of each phase can be surge tested to detect weak and damaged insulation, all with the convenience of a 3 Phase Transfer Switch.   View your results on the digital storage oscilloscope and then print out your waveforms within seconds** or download data to your PC / laptop utilizing the USB device port or store it directly on the USB Flash drive. (**optional printer needed) This Multi-Operational Surge Tester "MOST" has no competition, when it comes to versatility, performance and price!  *optional

Note: Some pictures may not show updated oscilloscopes.

For the complete list of standard features on all Models, please link to our Price List page.

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